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Sensors, events, automation and what-not

July 21, 2009

Just time for a quick update before my next phone-call. I have been working a lot on various decks looking at industry solutions that use or leverage WebSphere MQ and ESB solutions from IBM. A number of them, certainly in engineering industries such as Chemical and Petroleum, or Energy and Utilities, already use solutions like WebSphere Sensor Events or have the potential to use them in the future. And there are also clear benefits to other industries like Retail or distribution. All sorts really – at Impact I sat in a very good session talking about how Airbus uses RFID sensors to keep track of the parts of planes they are building. After all it is so easy to lose an Airbus A380…

We have referred to this as the Internet of Things. There is a great example of this from Andy Stanford-Clark and his house that Tweets. But the more I read about this, the more interesting I can see this getting. Clearly this requires some level of investment from businesses to leverage, but the greater the connectivity throughout their infrastructure, the more opportunities will arise. The economy today drives businesses to look to cut costs and drive growth. Extending connectivity through these devices and increasing business awareness truly looks to be transformative. I will look to give more examples and cover this more going forward