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More on Tough Questions from ESBCON8

August 28, 2009

So following up on yesterday’s first Tough Question from ESBCON8, lets move to the 2nd question

Question 2:Today’s ESBs are more business-aware, supporting critical events  (with EDA, CEP, even BPM).   How are your customers using these benefits?

First off, do I agree with the statement, aligning ESBs with Events? I would have to say yes – we have seen our customers use WebSphere Message Broker for many years as a mechanism to detect and respond to Events passing through it, making use of the processing and aggregation capabilities it provides. Although this was very powerful and a great advance to increase visibility and agility, its use tended to be restricted to more technical events. The addition to the product line of WebSphere Business Events enabled business users to determine the critical events they were interested in, greatly extending the usability of Business Event Processing. This move to an event driven architecture very much builds on the existence of an ESB, across which all data flows. This assumption of the presence of an ESB is what we discussed yesterday in the first Tough Question.

So on the basis that an ESB exists, and business is now able to see and respond to events as they take place in real-time, how are customers using these? The event processing delivered by WebSphere Business Events allows businesses in many cases to take the step step towards BPM, allowing their businesses to leverage their existing IT infrastructure to rapidly deploy business changes, streamlining processing, increasing automation and reducing bottlenecks, all while gaining better insight to what is actually happening in their business to help drive further improvements. Some customers already see this success.

As Event Processing builds on the Connectivity of an ESB they are likely to already have, they are able to quickly see benefits and then use further tools such as ILOG for Business Rules to adapt and respond to changing needs.