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New updates for WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer

July 16, 2013

One of the biggest ‘new’ use cases for MQ over the last few years has been for managed file transfer – that is making use of a MQ network to send files as messages, as well as the typical use of connecting applications. This is actually something that MQ has been used for over many years, but the release of WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition, now called WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer has helped bring that to the fore, and this capability is front and center in the benefits that WebSphere MQ Advanced brings to customers. 

We have had many successes with this offering – not least because so many businesses make use of files pretty much everywhere in their infrastructure and WebSphere MQ MFT not only moves the files, but as it moves them as messages, allowing the data in the file to be created or consumed seamlessly, without secondary processes and delays. 

Some of the businesses that have been fastest on the uptake of this have been retailers – which has historically been very file-centric. They have enthusiastically been using, or exploring how to use WMQ Managed File Transfer in both their head office and in each and every store. However some of these retailers use 4690 hardware in their stores – a dedicated retail platform – and they have been asking for us to supply WMQ Managed File Transfer Agents to run on the 4690 Store Controller, simplifying their store management and IT admin. 



I am pleased to say that on July 9th we announced a new platform for our WMQ Managed File Transfer Agent – the 4690 Store Controller. This will be delivered as part of the second fixpack for WebSphere MQ V7.5 and should be available on July 26th. You can read the announcement here

I hope that many of our retail customers will be able to take advantage of this enhancement.

There has been even more good news for WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer users – as in June we also had another announcement about improvements in monitoring WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer. From the wider IBM portfolio, our colleagues have extended the IBM Sterling Control Center product to enable monitoring of WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition and WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer. This is a great benefit from those customers who might already use that with IBM Sterling Connect:Direct or who are simply using WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer but wanted more powerful and configurable monitoring than that provided by the WebSphere MQ Explorer. You can again read the announcement here