MQ Advanced powered by MQ V9.1 – now it’s time for business – join the webinar

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It’s early September and seasons are changing. For some, summer is turning to autumn, and elsewhere, winter is changing to spring. Despite holidays ending for some, business is never on holiday. There are increasing demands to improve availability, response times, security and agility.


Businesses can’t take infrastructure for granted. In fact, it is critical to the success of the business. Ensuring that IT infrastructure is delivering maximum value is a huge differentiator in an ever more competitive world. And that can mean not being left behind and taking the best advantage of what your infrastructure can do.


IBM MQ has been at the heart of many of the world’s leading businesses for years. And MQ Advanced allows businesses to do even more with their MQ infrastructure, moving more data, from any environment more securely and reliably. The recent release of MQ V9.1 provided even more value to customers, especially if they are using or if they upgrade to MQ Advanced.


On September 12th there will be a webinar covering the benefits of MQ Advanced and the advances included in IBM MQ V9.1. Simply click here to register and find out how your business can take advantage.

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