How fast is fast? Low Latency Messaging has a new home.


For many years one of the least appreciated parts of the MQ portfolio was MQ Low Latency Messaging. This was a very special product to meet a unique market need: Financial Markets, Exchanges and Front Office trading. The requirements here were to move data in the form of messages very quickly, at the same speed to all recipients, and with the lowest possible latency. The reason for this was to offer a ‘fair and equal’ distribution of information about the market data to allow for trading to take place on a level playing field.

Unlike IBM MQ which moves messages from an application through the Queue Manager to a receiving application, the MQ Low Latency Messaging (MQ LLM) offering is a peer to peer distribution platform, which ensures that messages are delivered as quickly and directly as possible to each end point. And this is of course exactly what is required as part of a market exchange solution. As well as distributing the messages rapidly there is a MessageStore where the same messages can be persisted to keep a record of what messages were distributed and to whom.

Despite the difference between MQ LLM and IBM MQ itself, both products can exchange messages if needed. This might be to track trades happening in the front office trading platform and to send them to the back office transactional systems.

This offering has been available without significant updates for a number of years and although still highly capable and extremely fast in performance, it is time to take it to the next level. And the best way to do this is to have it enhanced further by a company with years of experience in this space. Confinity Solutions, based in Germany, has acquired the license from IBM to produce the successor product to IBM WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging. This new product, Low Latency Messaging from Confinity Solutions will be resold by IBM to allow both existing and new customers in this space to have a sales and support point of contact with IBM for this product. The announcement letter for this new offering, as available from IBM can be found here. And at the same time IBM is announcing the withdrawal from marketing and End of Support for the existing IBM WebSphere MQ LLM offering.

Confinity Solutions is happy to provide a 1:1 entitlement to existing MQ LLM customers who are current and up to date with their S&S entitlements. Existing customers should reach out to Confinity Solutions through their website, or via their IBM representative. Confinity Solutions offerings can be seen as the next iteration of the existing MQ LLM product, with a few important differences. It will only be available on Windows and Linux platforms. And also, instead of requiring separate licensing for the MessageStore, this is now available as a part of the Low Latency Messaging product from Confinity Solutions, but not a part of the Low Latency Messaging Core product from Confinity Solutions. Both these products, and non-production entitlements are available from IBM, and also separately purchasable ‘Elite Support’ which is in place of IBM Subscription and Support as this is a product resold by IBM, instead of being an IBM product.

IBM regular support and then extended support will continue to be available for a number of years on the existing MQ LLM offering. The IBM recommendation is to evaluate the new Low Latency Messaging Offering from Confinity Solutions as the ideal follow-on product. As it is developed from the same source code, this is the closest match to the existing offering.

After all it is generally better to be the cheetah than the impala.



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3 Responses to “How fast is fast? Low Latency Messaging has a new home.”

  1. Morag Says:

    Will the LLM inside IBM MQ be changed over to this new product ad well? You know the Multicast topics?

  2. leifdavidsen Says:

    Hi Morag. No change, at this point anyway, to the availability of Multicast in MQ. IBM hasn’t lost the ability to include this technology in our own offerings.

  3. MQGem Monthly (July 2017) | MQGem Software Says:

    […] How fast is fast? Low Latency Messaging has a new home […]

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