Keep climbing up – WebSphere MQ V7.5 End of Support date announced


When you have been fundamental to thousands of businesses, and helping to create the modern world for 23+ years, it can seem like you are on a never-ending journey. And certainly the need for simple, reliable, secure and rapid enterprise messaging never goes away, so IBM MQ is needed now more than ever.

But sometimes we need to bring one chapter to an end, but there are plenty more chapters to get to. You may have seen that we have been rather busy with announcements this year, with new announcements for an updated MQ Appliance, and the brand new IBM MQ V9 release. But we also announced back in April the End of Support date for MQ V7.1. On distributed platforms this was set at April 30 2017.

And today we have just announced the End of Support date for MQ V7.5 – we are giving a little bit more notice on this one – with an End of Support date set for April 30 2018.

WebSphere MQ V7.5 was the last MQ release with the WebSphere branding, and it was the first release where we had brought together all the MQ components, which allowed us to then offer MQ Advanced with MQ, MQ MFT, MQ AMS and MQ Telemetry.

So what to do if you are on MQ V7.5 today? Or perhaps you are just about to move to it? Well it will be in regular support until April 2018. Following that, if you want, you can have extended support for another 3 years. But you might want to think about moving forward to take advantage of all the latest features.

The good news is that migrating should be easier than you might be used to. And with the new MQ V9 option of Continuous Delivery or Long Term Support, you can got as fast as you like. And many of our customers are looking at the MQ Appliance when they are planning an update, to take advantage of the simple and rapid deployment, the fantastic performance without complexity, and the operational and maintenance simplicity.

So the choice is up to you. IBM has sections on migration in the Knowledge Center, and we have services offerings to provide Version to Version migration planning, and implementation.

Feel free to talk to your local IBM representative or partner. Leave me a message here, or ping me on Twitter. Don’t get stuck. Onwards and upwards. Just keep moving.



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