How is the new IBM MQ Appliance different from a BBQ?

MQ Appliance Image

When I am eating at home I really love to BBQ. However, living in the UK, we don’t always have the perfect weather to enjoy BBQs, especially when you have a charcoal BBQ. It mustn’t be windy, and you really don’t want it too cold, or rainy. So conditions have to be right, and then there is the issue of whether you have enough charcoal, can you start it ok, do you have the right food to cook on it? And if you are cooking on it will you have enough fuel on to cook everything you need, or will you have to add charcoal in the middle of cooking?

So although I would generally prefer to cook and eat on the BBQ, it is far simpler on the whole to cook in the ovens in the kitchen. They are there and ready, rain or shine, up to temperature in a few minutes, and able to cook pretty much any type of food quickly and simply. And you know what – once you get to understand your oven, you can get it to produce food pretty much as good as the BBQ. In most cases a lot more reliable and certainly a lot quicker and cleaner. I have a pair of ovens – so I can ‘hot-swap’ between them!

Cropped oven

If you need enterprise messaging, then maybe you are in the same dilemma? You know you need enterprise messaging – but the amount of effort you find it takes to install it and deploy it on a system if too high to think about using it everywhere. So you limit use to just your enterprise datacentre. But then there is the problem of keeping it up to date once you have it on multiple different machines, all of them running your business. What you need is a solution where you can just switch on – much like an oven.

IBM is really happy to announce today a new offering – the IBM MQ Appliance. With this you get all the enterprise messaging benefits of IBM MQ V8 – but in a state of the art physical appliance. No more having to configure and maintain a separate physical server and then install IBM MQ. The MQ Appliance is designed to be unboxed and up and running in less than 30 minutes, making it faster and simpler for new MQ messaging capacity to be available wherever you need it.

We anticipate the MQ Appliance will be welcomed in the enterprise datacentre where a highly capable appliance will be able to process high MQ messaging workloads in a single physical footprint, and with not just a simple deployment process but far easier maintenance, with fixes for both MQ and the firmware delivered together as a single firmware flash, allowing you to keep your appliance up to date quickly and simply, knowing the fixpack has been tested by IBM on exactly the same hardware.

Another anticipated use case will be outside the enterprise datacentre, such as in remote locations where there is a need for MQ Queue Managers but no local MQ skills on site to setup or maintain the MQ environment. This could be a factory, branch office, warehouse, or a business partner. Now, if a MQ Appliance is shipped out to the location, it can simply be unboxed, plugged in, and have any further administration done remotely.

Appliances can be deployed in a High Availability pair, with persistent messages mirrored from one appliance to the other, to ensure continuity of workload in the case of failure, without any complex setup or external storage dependencies. A pair of appliances work even more seamlessly than my pair of ovens pictured above – with queue managers starting up and processing work automatically, with no marooned messages.

The appliance is built using the experience of the IBM DataPower appliances to ensure that you can depend on it for your enterprise, but it focuses on delivering just an optimized MQ experience. No tuning is needed to get the best performance out of the MQ Appliance. And a new browser based tool, the MQ Console, provides a customized interface for monitoring and configuring MQ on the appliance.

The MQ Appliance will be available on March 13, 2015, and will be available as the M2000A, and the M2000B – 2 price points to meet different message throughput needs in the market. You can read the announcement letter here. Visit the webpage. And feel free to talk to your IBM rep or selected business partners about it today. Why not come and see us and the IBM MQ Appliance in person at IBM InterConnect 2015, in fabulous Las Vegas. We even have a video posted on YouTube of me talking briefly about the MQ Appliance. We don’t do that everyday!

I will admit, that as good as it is, the MQ Appliance isn’t a great way to cook ribs, burgers or steak. For that, I’ll pick my BBQ.

cropped bbq


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9 Responses to “How is the new IBM MQ Appliance different from a BBQ?”

  1. Norman Says:

    OK, but installing MQ takes about one hour and is not needed very often, far more effort is needed managing the queue manager and related MQ client applications, which won’t change much.

  2. leifdavidsen Says:

    You are right that you might not install MQ very much. But in a remote location, the effort of installing MQ, not to mention maintaining it can make it unviable. And there is the new MQ Console, designed to simplify the daya to day operation, and you are able to customize it to show you just what you need. Plus maintenance is much simpler with a single fixpack to apply, instead of perhaps needing a separate team to install OS fixes and then to schedule in some on the MQ team to apply the latest fixpack. Plenty of potential in all sorts of ways for savings in time and resources.

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  4. Axe Says:

    Hi leifdavidsen, we are interested and properly be the first customer come early April.

    However, I have a Concern and hope you can advice me. In our many enviroment that focus on MQ, we also have Tivoli monitoring (tsm enginner will properly be jobless soon, just kidding) as central monitoring.

    now that this is an appliance, how it affect our central monitoring? Does it work with ITM? We would not want to monitor separately, make no sense tand I believe other customer outside with MQ and Tivoli installed.


  5. leifdavidsen Says:

    Hi Axe
    As you know much of MQ can be monitored by Tivoli today. This doesn’t change with the MQ Appliance – where today local agents might be installed on the MQ Server, with the MQ Appliance nothing can be installed there – but remote monitoring is possible and Tivoli are ensuring that everything is still possible in this way. We would hope they would add a support statement at some point to confirm.
    We have also been working with other 3rd party monitoring vendors to ensure their solutions work as well.
    Clearly we believe the MQ Appliance will provide a simpler solution for deployment, operation and maintenance – but it will still require MQ monitoring in the same way as any other MQ deployment.

    For more info there is a datasheet available – and we can always talk off line if you want – or through your IBM rep

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  8. www.Denverlinux.Com Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article

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