Yet another new role

You know it is embarrassing that I post so infrequently here. Most days I do think of something I would like to post – but the twin ties of a hectic work life and a busy family life – food to cook, dogs to walk, kids to play with and wife to talk with – combine to eliminate any spare time. And since I last posted here about becoming Product Manager for WebSphere Message Broker, my role in IBM has changed again. I was asked – around the end of April 2011 – to take on the challenge of being the Product Manager for WebSphere MQ – and the other related MQ products. While it was sad to move on from WebSphere Message Broker I was very happy to be given the key role for WMQ, which has been so successful for so many years.

I immediate had to get involved in many key decisions and activities both tactical and strategic, as well as having to build strong relationships with many of the key players in the WMQ space. It has been a wild ride for the last couple of months and it continues to this day.

Hopefully I will have time to do some externally focused activities. Earlier this year I did a series of ‘podcasts’ or recordings with Andy Piper – a highly skilled colleague – and it would be nice to be able to do a few more of those as time and resources permit. Funnily enough we recorded them in the stable in my garden which is converted to a home office, so I have suggested we call them “from the horse’s mouth” – but as yet no one lese agrees. I also attended the Gartner AADI Summit in London in June. I think that was my 4th year in a row. As good as ever to talk with Gartner Analysts, attend some sessions and chat with customers.

Obviously there are many things that occupy my day to day task that I can’t share yet. However watch this space. Recent announcements include a new release of WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition and also a new offering WebSphere MQ Hypervisor Edition. Our development teams remain busy!

When I get a few days off I will be finishing the latest book I am reading – The Bible of the Dead by Tom Knox. Then on to Spook Country by William Gibson. Looking forward to it.


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