New post, new job role, long time passed

So just a quick note here. I changed roles earlier this year to move back into Product Management for WebSphere Message Broker after a number of years in Marketing. It is funny how both roles have similarities but also substantial differences. I am getting a lot more visibility to customers and sales reps in the new role which is really good, but am continuing to work closely with marketing to make sure we get the right material produced. Keeps me busy – and apologies to those who I respond to later than I should.

Was good talking a bit with Gartner earlier in the year on a couple of occasions – and hearing all the customer interest in cloud – not an area that will be going away in a hurry I think.

It has been very stimulating to work on strategy for both extending current offerings and looking at the opportunity in new segments. Lots I could say here but clearly not going to in public!

I plan to talk to some customers in Istanbul next month as part of a Hursley Comes to you event and there will also be more customer interactions in 4Q which i am looking forward to. All this while trying to get through all the Product Management day to day pieces of work – which I had better get back to.

Focus and prioritization are becoming the watchword….will try to write something more soon


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  1. Gabby Says:

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