Busy preparing for Impact 2009

Well it has been too long since I updated this blog. Doing work preparing for the exciting event of IBM Impact has been taking a lot of my time. A new innovation this year is doing Guided Tours of the Solution Village and I am organizing that.

However there is a lot more going on. I am building some Industry focused versions of some of our Connectivity presentations. A great asset to demonstrate our strengths across the different market segments.

However the next few weeks aren’t just about Impact…there are other exciting things going on – ever wanted to visit the Forbidden City in Beijing?

“On 28 and 29 April, IBM is offering a select group of IT specialists the opportunity to participate in an exclusive SOA tour being held using its acclaimed virtual world, The Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time .

Dressed in character as an Imperial Servant, John Tolva, Program Manager for Cultural Strategy and Programs for IBM Corporate Community Relations will lead a tour of the most advanced of all custom-built virtual worlds in existence today. The virtual world tour is designed to provide an insight into how SOA can solve architectural challenges, adding immediate value and business flexibility.
Attendees will be able to discuss SOA with IBM’s leading architects and strategists in an innovative setting, and learn first-hand how to shape the future of business communication. The virtual world tour will provide attendees with the chance to:
·          See a real-life SOA case study in action
·          Hear how IBM solutions and products map to and enable specific SOA concepts and capabilities
·          Learn how to solve architectural challenges through SOA in a way that is non-disruptive to existing IT systems
·          Network with technical experts and peers

More information about the event and registration information for IT specialists can be found on the Virtual Worlds – SOA and the Virtual Forbidden City website:


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